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Face Shields by Teens

Face Shields by Teens

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Face Shields by Teens is a group of teenagers in the Greater Boston area who are passionate about supporting our medical professionals. We design and create face shields for our front-line medical workers.

Our entirely volunteer-based team members have been creating these face shields. Our volunteers have devoted their time, materials, and funds (spent on necessities such as clear binding covers, duct tape, tongue depressors, fabric strips, Velcro, and foam for face shields) to this project, and hope to deliver these face shields to hospitals in the local area.

Here is a minimum supply cost breakdown. We plan to make 2000 face shields for design #1 and 1000 face shields for design #2. That’s a total of 3000 face shields. It adds up to $7630.

$2700 for Clear binding cover ( $700 for design#1 and $2000 for design #2)
$1800 for Sticky velcro
$900 for Nylon or Webbing strap
$500 for Printing cards that we designed for our heroes
$480 for Double sided tape
$450 for Reclosable bags
$420 for Foam
$180 for Elastic band
$150 for Duck tape
$50 for Tongue depressors

While living in one of the country’s most infected states with more than 46,000 coronavirus cases and 509 doctors and medical staff infected, tripling from the past week, it’s been extremely difficult to stand by as healthcare workers suffer under these growing burdens. Please consider donating to our cause to help protect healthcare providers.

My name is Isabell Luo, and I’m in 7th grade. After hearing about the shortage of Personal Protective Equipment for healthcare providers, I knew I wanted to help. After thorough research, I decided that making face shields at home would be the best option. Once I made my first face shield, I realized how time-consuming this task was; and that to really make a difference, I needed more people to join the effort.

So, I started a group called Face Shields By Teens to involve teens in the neighborhood. We sent samples of our face shields to local hospitals, including Saint Elizabeth’s Medical Center, Cambridge Health Alliance, and Mount Auburn Hospital, to test the shields out. The doctors and nurses who used our face shields said that the shield was great since it was lightweight, flexible, minimally foggy, accommodated different head shapes, and left room for goggles. We are currently working on a second face shield design for healthcare workers without goggles.

With our group’s motivation and hard work, I was able to gain financial support from two non-profit organizations: the Belmont Chinese American Association and the Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association. As of today, our group has grown from the original 5 members to a total of 25 teenagers. We have extended our original goal of 1,000 face shields to making and donating 3,000 face shields in the next two weeks. With this extended goal, we have found ourselves struggling to obtain enough funds for materials. This face shield project is turning into so much more than I could have possibly imagined, and I’m grateful that so many kind-hearted people are willing to support this project. With your help, we’ll be able to overcome this COVID-19 pandemic.

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